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Catalog > Religious Items > •Cowl With Hood - Many Colors & Fabrics In Stock

•Cowl With Hood - Many Colors & Fabrics In Stock

Cowl With Hood  Many Colors  Fabrics In Stock
A hooded cowl mantle that hangs down over the shoulders and chest, rather like a short period-poncho. It protects against inclement weather as it embellishes the look of any outfit. As with the scapular, the clergy often changed cowl-color to reflect the colors of the liturgical year: green for "Ordinary time," white for High Holy Days, etc.

Often worn over robes and monk's robes, to change the entire look of the robe.

Cowls are made from a medium weight cotton fabric.

One size fits all up to neck size of 24 inches.

Don't see the size and color you want? Please visit our custom cowl and hood page. We can make cowls and hoods in cotton, velvet and fleece. They can be lined in fleece and trimmed!

1 Gray Plaid, 1 Animal Print Fleece, 9 Purple Cotton, 1 Navy Blue Cotton, 4 Grey Cotton, 5 White Cotton, 4 Brown Cotton, 3 Blue Cotton, 7 Black Cotton in stock.
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Price:$45.00 Sale! $40.00
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