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#INSstole. •Overlay Stole - Pallium - Many Colors in Stock

Overlay Stole  Pallium  Many Colors in Stock
The stole, also called the Pallium, sudarium, orarium, stola has a long history, dating back to the first century in ancient Rome. Stoles can be worn either towards the front or back, depending on the time period. Stoles were typically embroidered or painted, and sometimes included tassles and bells. We make all color stoles, however white, red and black are typical religious wear. Our stoles are made of medium weight fabric and sewn double so they are quite sturdy, they hold their shape without being stiff, and have a nice weight to them. Our stoles are approximately 60 inches long from back of neck to bottom hem.

For more pictures or to custom order a color/size, please visit our custom stole page.


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