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#INSmonkcowl. •Robe - Monk  -  Attached Cowl - Many Sizes and Colors In Stock

Robe  Monk    Attached Cowl  Many Sizes and Colors In Stock
This is our classic Monk Robe with full hood and sleeves, with an attached cowl. Commonly worn by priests, ministers, Trappist monks, and Jesuits. A heavy, loose-fitting robe with a full hood, traditionally part of the monastic life, and now finding a more secular popularity among gamers, re-enacters, and pious pagans. These garments are sturdy, comfortable, and made to be lived in!

They are ankle length for 5'10"-6" and will fit other heights if you wear a belt.Order by chest sizes. Made from medium weight cotton fabric.

For other pictures and to custom order colors, sizes, trim, etc please visit our custom monks robe with cowl page.

Color, chest size:

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