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Leine Shirts

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Leine (leinnes)
Leines are a Medieval Irish garment. While no period examples are in existance today, historical texts and paintings give reference to the Leine and lend various descriptions. The usual length was around the knee, belted or worn under a jacket, or ionar. Our Leine features a double yoke with a keyhole neckline. The sleeves and body are pleated onto the yoke. The sleeves are long and can be left open or sewn closed to the wrist (bag sleeves). There seems to be no historical reference for the modern version with ties to adjust sleeves.
  • Leines are also traditional kilt shirts of the Celtic people. They are the perfect upper-body compliment to the Kilt.
  • The leine is quite voluminous, containing several yards of fabric.
  • Made of 100% unbleached muslin or poly-cotton in your choice of color.
  • We can also make your leine from 100% linen in a saffron yellow color.*
  • This Celtic costume can be worn as a Renaissance costume, Medieval Costume, SCA or LARP Garb or for your Celtic wedding.
  • We offer one XX-large size that can be worn by almost everyone. (It measures over 110 inches around!)
  • Check out our Instock Leines.

    "Everything has arrived and all I can say is wow - it was worth the wait. The (linen) leine is gorgeous, the color is perfect and the styling looks like everything I have ever seen reconstructed from history."
    "...the leine is a peach."

    Mike from New Zealand

    Coming soon! Ionar (inar) jacket to wear over your leine!

    *For a sample of the linen fabric, send a stamped, self addressed envelope to Garb the World.

  • Please see our measurement page.

    NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks.
    Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.
    Use Saffron Linen: + $65.00
    Add Add 7 yard Great Kilt (additional $75.00).
    Add Add Celtic Penannular Pin Made in USA(additional $35.00).
    Add Sword and Targe Kilt Pin Made in USA(additional $25.00). Made in USA
    Add Rope Sandals Made in USA (additional $30.00).
    Add Add Celtic Brass Penannular Pin Made in USA(additional $10.00).
    Add Add Heigira Plaid Cloak with Brass Penannular Pin Made in USA(additional $40.00).

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