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Simple Robe


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Simple Robe
Our Simple Robe is a long tunic that was worn during many centuries in many cultures. This robe is perfect for all your needs, for a costume, for rituals or just to wear around the house. This floor-length gown is very comfortable.
  • This is the perfect robe to wear under an Abayah for an early period male costume.
  • Add a Toga for a traditional biblical costume.
  • Key-hole or scoop neck.
  • Choose from two sleeve styles:
          Wide (style 2) sleeve makes a great Tau Robe
          Narrow (style 1) sleeve is safer around candles and fire
  • For other sleeve and neck choices, please see D.Y.O.D..
  • Can be belted or loosely flowing. (Pictured with one of our leather belts.)
  • Made from medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric.
  • Trim can be added to the neck, sleeves and bottom hem.
  • Please specify color preference, chest or waist size (whichever is larger), and height (in inches) when ordering. Please see our measurement page. NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks. Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.
    Sleeve 1
    Sleeve 2
    Change Material: Use Velvet Material $30.00
    Use Satin Material $30.00
    Use Fleece Material $35.00

    Add Lining:

    Satin lined Sleeves $25.00

    Add Trim: Add Trim round sleeves: $25.00
    Add Trim to bottom hem: $25.00
    Add Trim around neck: $35.00
    Other Changes: Remove Sleeves (+$15)
    Add Wood Cross Made in USA (additional $10.00).
    Add 1/2 inch rope belt Made in USA (additional $15.00).
    Add leather ring belt Made in USA (additional $27.00).
    Add Rope Sandals Made in USA (additional $30.00).
    Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).
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