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Wizard Robe (Open Robe)


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Open (Wizard) Robe
One of our most popular items. This Robe is similar to our Monk Robe, but is open in the front like a jacket or coat. Our Robes are very customizable. You can choose the size, color, fabric, lining, trim, and clasp. The hood is very large and roomy, and the sleeves are very long and pointed.

These hooded robes can be a simple black robe (cotton robe), a fleece robe, a satin robe, a velvet robe, a clergy robe, a jedi robe, a wizarding school robe, a church choir robe, or even a Canadian cloak Medieval robe. These robes are also perfect wizardry-school-wear for all aspiring magi.

  • Regular robes are made from medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric. Not merely single-use costumes, these garments are sturdy, comfortable and made to be lived in.
  • Machine washable and can be put in the dryer.
  • Robes can also be made from velvet, satin or fleece.
  • For a bit of elegance, sleeves and/or the hood, or even the full body can be lined with satin.
  • Trim of your choice can be added to suit your taste, around the sleeves, around the bottom, and around the opening. We can even do double layer of trim along the opening.
  • Clasps of your choice can also be added. Clasps come in 3 sizes. the smallest size (Ancient and Classic) are more appropriate for a lighter weight robe.
  • We do sell wizard scarfs also.
  • This robe can be made without a hood. Just check the option below.
  • We offer 5 styles of hoods; Regular, Pointed, Small Lirepipe (add $5), Long Lirepipe (add $10), and X-large Goth (add $5).
  • Please specify color preference, chest or waist size (whichever is larger), and height (in inches) when ordering. Please see our measurement page. NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks. Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.

    Add side-seam pockets: $10.00
    Remove Hood (+$5)
    Remove Sleeves (+$15)
    Change Fabric:
    Made in Velvet Fabric: $30.00
    Made in Satin Fabric: $30.00
    Made in Fleece Fabric: $35.00

    Add Trim to hood and front opening: $30.00
    Add 2nd Layer of Trim to hood and front opening: $20.00
    Add Trim around sleeves: $25.00
    Add 2nd Layer of Trim to sleeves $20.00
    Add Trim around hem: $25.00
    Add 2nd Layer of Trim around hem: $20.00

    Add Lining:
    Satin lined Sleeves: $20.00
    Satin lined Hood: $20.00
    Fully lined in Satin: $70.00
    Fully Lined in Fleece Fabric: $75.00
    Fully Lined in PolyCotton Fabric: $65.00
    Add Clasp:
    Add Celtic Canines Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Trinity Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Horse Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Lillies Clasp (additional $14.50).
    Add Bustier Clasp (additional $17.50).
    Add Comedy and Tragedy Clasp (additional $13.50).
    Add Flower Clasp (additional $10.50).
    Add Dublin Silver Clasp (additional $11.50).
    Add Hearts Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Trivet Clasp (additional $10.50).
    Add Fleur de Lis Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Leaf Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Modern Clasp (additional $9.00).
    Add Antiquity Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Chariot Clasp (additional $9.75).
    Add Brass Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Silver Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Brass Large Penannular Brooch (additional $9.00).
    Add Pewter Large Penannular Brooch (additional $35.00).
    Add Wood Cross Made in USA (additional $10.00).
    Add 1/2 inch rope belt Made in USA (additional $15.00).
    Add leather ring belt Made in USA (additional $27.00).
    Add Rope Sandals Made in USA (additional $30.00).
    Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).
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