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Open Robe with hood (Wizard Robe)


Order a robe ready made, ready to ship

Please see our measurement page. NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 5-6 weeks. Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.

Add side-seam pockets: $10.00
Remove Hood (+$5)
Remove Sleeves (+$15)
Change Fabric:
Made in Velvet Fabric: $30.00
Made in Satin Fabric: $30.00
Made in Fleece Fabric: $35.00

Add Trim to hood and front opening: $30.00
Add 2nd Layer of Trim to hood and front opening: $20.00
Add Trim around sleeves: $25.00
Add 2nd Layer of Trim to sleeves $20.00
Add Trim around hem: $25.00
Add 2nd Layer of Trim around hem: $20.00

Add Lining:
Satin lined Sleeves: $20.00
Satin lined Hood: $20.00
Fully lined in Satin: $70.00
Fully Lined in Fleece Fabric: $75.00
Fully Lined in PolyCotton Fabric: $65.00
Add Clasp:
Add Celtic Canines Clasp (additional $20.00).
Add Trinity Clasp (additional $20.00).
Add Horse Clasp (additional $20.00).
Add Lillies Clasp (additional $14.50).
Add Bustier Clasp (additional $17.50).
Add Comedy and Tragedy Clasp (additional $13.50).
Add Flower Clasp (additional $10.50).
Add Dublin Silver Clasp (additional $11.50).
Add Hearts Clasp (additional $12.50).
Add Trivet Clasp (additional $10.50).
Add Fleur de Lis Clasp (additional $12.50).
Add Leaf Clasp (additional $12.50).
Add Modern Clasp (additional $9.00).
Add Antiquity Clasp (additional $9.50).
Add Chariot Clasp (additional $9.75).
Add Brass Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
Add Silver Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
Add Brass Large Penannular Brooch (additional $9.00).
Add Pewter Large Penannular Brooch (additional $35.00).
Add Wood Cross Made in USA (additional $10.00).
Add 1/2 inch rope belt Made in USA (additional $15.00).
Add leather ring belt Made in USA (additional $27.00).
Add Rope Sandals Made in USA (additional $30.00).
Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).