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Tabards and Surcoats

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Heraldic tabards and surcoats add immeasurable atmosphere to any event.

The differences between tabards and surcoats is that tabards have sleeves. These sleeves would normally contain the household/guild/kingdom/group device or arms.

  • We use two types of fabric: medium weight cotton to lend durability for fighting tabards, and lightweight polycottons for off-field tabards.
  • We can not guarantee colors will match exactly for tabards ordered at different times. If you want to order future tabards, please let us know and we will keep a swatch with your colors on file.
  • Also can be used as a Musketeer tabard or sideless surcoat.
  • Sleeves are $15 extra.
  • Fighters employ tabards or surcoats on the field to promote their unit, and off the field to throw on over mundane clothes.
  • Matching tabards or surcoats look great for servers and to identify households or bands.
  • Surcoats are great for quickly hiding the mundane.
  • It's easier to get your relatives in a tabard or surcoat than a full period outfit.

  • Style 1: $30

    Style 2: $35

    Style 3: $35

    Style 4: $45

    Style 5: $40

    Style 6: $40

    Style 7: $35
    Please specify:
    • Style / Color preferences
      • "Main Color" will be where the dark color is in the photos
      • "Second Color" will be where the light color is in the photos
    • Tabard length
    • Tabard width
    • Fabric weight (medium or lightweight)

    We also have shoes and boots appropriate for this time period to custom-order, and we have hundreds of pairs of shoes in stock, ready to ship.

    Please specify color preference when ordering. Please see our measurement page. NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks. Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.
    Tabard Width (inches) Tabard Length (inches)

    Fabric Weight

    Add sleeves (tabard) $15

    Tabard / Surcoat Style:

    Style 1 $45

    Style 2 $50
    Style 3 $50
    Style 4 $60
    Style 5 $55
    Style 6 $55
    Style 7 $50
    Add leather ring belt Made in USA (additional $30.00).
    Add Medieval boots (additional $60.00).
    Add Cloak Made in USA(additional $90.00).
    Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).
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