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leather ring belt

Leather Belt with Ring

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Leather Belt with Ring
Long, sturdy leather belt terminating in a steel ring.
  • The ring is one and a half inches wide.
  • Purposely cut long enough so that the end wraps through and around the ring and hangs down several inches in the classic Medieval belt style.
  • The average belt size is 12 to 18 inches longer than your waist size. Please note that we can not make belts larger than the hide (70-90" max, depending on availability).
  • If you would like a longer belt: please see our 2 ring belts.

    Click here for a video on how to tie ring belts.

  • Rings and grommets are silver colour. You can also customize brass or fancy rings for additional costs.

  • Our belts come in black, white, brown, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and orange. Looking for another color? Let us know.

  • Please provide your leather and ring color choices, and waist measurements (in inches) when ordering.

    NOTE: This belt will take 2-5 business days to ship. UNLESS it's Custom-made ring it will take up to a week, or ordered with Custom-made items, it will ship with the rest of the order in 4-5 weeks.

    Waist Size:     Please see our measurement page
                    Note: we can not make belts larger than the hide
                    (70-90" max, depending on availability).

    Belt Color:
    Change Ring to Brass. Add $10.00
    Add Flat Cap Made in USA(additional $22.00).
    Add leather buckle belt Made in USA(additional $40.00).
    Add Latchet Shoes (additional $75.00).
    Add Cloak Made in USA(additional $90.00).
    Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).