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Laena / Arisaid

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Laena / Arisaid
A cloak of soft, heavy fabric (usually a plaid) worn by wrapping it around the body while lying down. The top part of the Laena is either worn over the head to keep warm and dry, or hanging down as a second layered skirt.

It is thought that the Laena was put on while lying down, similar to the Great Kilt.

Here are Instructions on How to fold a Laena

  • Our Laenas have 2 yards of 60 inch wide plaid fabric.
  • Laenas are traditionally worn over Gowns.
  • Laenas are featured in our Roman Briton Female Outfit.

  • NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks.

    Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.

        Plaid choices

    Use Thick Plaid: $10.00

    Add Add Celtic Penannular Pin (additional $35.00).
    Add 2 Trinity Brooches (additional $40.00).
    Add Amber chip 6-12 MM 16 inch string (additional $12.00)
    Add Turnshoes (additional $45.00)

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