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Rope for ties and belts

Priced by the yard Made in USA

Braid and Rope Belts
Rope has been used as part of clothing since the begining of wearing of clothing. Some of the earlier styles were basically large pieces of fabric, and then rope was twisted around the body to define and show off curves. Rope is just the perfect accessory for early period dresses, as well as Biblical, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian outfits.
We are now proud to offer rope that is 100% MADE IN USA. We currently have 3 sizes for offer, but we can get additional sizes, just ask us.
Rope is sold by the yard. If you are making a belt remember to include in the belt length: Your waist measurement (twice if you want to double wrap the belt) Enough extra length to tie the belt Provide for the ends to hang down (usually about knee length)

3/16 3 strand cotton $3 per yard

This rope is perfect for greek and egyptian costumes.
Rope Length: Yards

1/2 inch Thick Braided Rope Belt $4.50 per yard

This rope (pictured) is made of 1/2 inch wide 3 strand cotton. Perfect for Rope belts for robes. A typical length is 2 yards. 3 yards will allow for lots of knots.

Rope Length: Yards

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