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Roman toga

Himation / Toga

Around 600 B.C. the Himation became a popular garment for Greek men and women, and was later worn by Roman males as a Toga.

Wearing the toga was a mark of honor for a man. In the early years of Rome, women had apparently also worn togas. Over the years fashion and laws changed such that around 500 B.C. the only women who wore togas as the main garment were common prostitutes. For women, it became a mark of shame and disgrace.

It is possible to wear this item in many different and interesting ways, as you'll find when you wear one.

It can be worn over a Roman Tunic, Chiton, Colobium, or Kolobas.

Our Himations / Togas are approximately 15 feet long and 60 inches wide.

Made from a lightweight polycotton, we offer many colors of Himations/Togas.

For a Biblical costume, wear a Ritual Robe wrapped with a Toga, as in the photos on the left.

Ancient Greek and Roman Clothing.

More Toga knowledge;

    A plain white toga was worn by all adult male citizens

    An off-white toga with a purple border was worn by magistrates and upper class boys

    A toga made of dark colored wool was worn by mourners after someone had died

    A purple toga with gold embroidery was worn by a victorious general and later by emperors.

    The "toga candida" was a bright white toga, bleached and covered with powdered white chalk, worn by politicians to dazzle the populace

    Wikipedia Article on Togas.


Made in USA

Design your own Toga

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