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Victorian Cape

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Victorian Cape
In foggy Victorian London, a long cape was essential to keep out the cold and damp.
  • Our Victorian Capes have 3 panels and are very full like our cloaks. The capelet is also made from 3 panels and helps keep the shoulders warm.
  • The Victorian Cape has a collar suitable for a clasp. There is no hood.
  • The capes are 4 1/2 feet long (large), 3 1/2 feet long (medium) or 3 feet long (small). They are made from a medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric.
  • For extra elegance, our Victorian Cape can be lined in satin!
  • For extra warmth, our Victorian Cape can be lined in fleece!
  • Perfect vampire cape, vampire cloak or steampunk cape.

    We also have shoes and boots appropriate for this time period to custom-order, and we have hundreds of pairs of shoes in stock, ready to ship.

  • Please provide your color and size choice when ordering.

    NOTE: This is a Custom-made order and may take up to 4-5 weeks.
    Check out our pre-made garments for quicker delivery.

    Lined with Satin: $70
    Lined with Fleece: $70
    Lined with Polycotton: $60

    Add Trim:
    Add Trim round capelet: $30.00
    Add Trim to bottom hem: $40.00

    Add a Clasp:
    Add Celtic Canines Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Trinity Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Horse Clasp (additional $20.00).
    Add Lillies Clasp (additional $14.50).
    Add Bustier Clasp (additional $17.50).
    Add Comedy and Tragedy Clasp (additional $13.50).
    Add Flower Clasp (additional $10.50).
    Add Dublin Silver Clasp (additional $11.50).
    Add Hearts Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Trivet Clasp (additional $10.50).
    Add Fleur de Lis Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Leaf Clasp (additional $12.50).
    Add Modern Clasp (additional $9.00).
    Add Antiquity Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Classic Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Chariot Clasp (additional $9.75).
    Add Brass Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Silver Romance Clasp (additional $9.50).
    Add Brass Large Penannular Brooch (additional $9.00).
    Add Pewter Large Penannular Brooch (additional $35.00).
    Add leather buckle belt (additional $30.00).
    Add Latchet Shoes (additional $75.00).
    Add Sword and Targe Kilt Pin (additional $25.00).
    Add Ax Pin (additional $10.00).

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