Historical and Religious Costumes

How To Fold A Kilt

Here are instructions on how to fold your great kilt - which is 7 plus yards of plaid. Kilts like this were worn by the Celtic folks, Scottish and Irish. This outfit is a suitable renaissance costume and can be worn in the SCA, at Faire, LARP, and Celtic events.

This method of folding a Great Kilt involves spreading out the fabric and folding it on the ground.

Step 1, lay out kilt - spread out all 7 yards of the great kilt
Step 2, starting about 4-5 feet in, fold the kilt, pulling each fold towards you
Continue until you have about 4-5 feet left.
Step 3, slide belt under folds (this can also be done at the beginning). Center the belt with regards to the width of the fabric.
Step 4, sit on kilt
Step 5, take one side of kilt and bring over body
Step 6, take other side of kilt and bring over body
Step 7, buckle belt and stand up.
Step 8, find ends of fabric and pin to shoulder