Historical and Religious Costumes


At Garb the World our clothing is designed to have an average amount of "ease" (i.e. roominess). For actual garment sizes please see our tables showing the amount of ease for each size. This 'ease' allows for proper draping and fit for many of our garments so an accurate measurement is essential!

Our pants are designed to fit somewhat loosely, one size smaller will fit close, and one size larger will be a baggy fit. Our robes are designed to go over other garments and are generous in sizing.

See our new Measurement video so you can see what measurements we need

To measure yourself you will need a friend and a tape measure or string and ruler. (use the string to make the measurement, and then measure the string). It is best if you do not take your own measurements, however if you do then use a wall to record height and leg length, and then measure the wall.

All of our measurements are in inches. Here's a handy webpage to to convert centimeters to inches.

Please let us know if you have any questions or difficulties. Missing measurements will delay your orer while we email you. Please double check all measurments required for accuracy.

1 - Height - Total height from the top of the head to ground. Measure by standing against wall making sure that heals, calfs, buttocks, shaoulders and head are touching wall flat. Use a ruler on top of head touching the wall then meaure to that point outside.
2 - Leg - Length of outside leg from waist to ankle.
2b - Inseam - Length of inside of leg from crotch to ankle.
3 - Arm - Length of arm from center back to wrist.
..Measure this by standing with feet square under shoulders and hand on hip. Starting at the center of neck on top of the shoulder, measure down and over shoulder and elbow to wrist to to the desired final length.
4 - Waist - Size around waist.
5 - Hips - Size around hips.
6 - Chest / Bust - Size around the widest part of your chest or bust.
7 - Shoulder - Distance between shoulders.
8 - Head - Size around head at forehead (where hats/circlets are worn).
9 - Torso - Length of body from base of neck to tailbone (length of spine).
10 - Biceps - Length around bicepts (area inbetween shoulder and elbow).
11 - Wrist - Length around wrist.
12 - Thigh - Length around thigh (above knee).
13 - Calf - Length around calf (below knee).
14 - Elbow - Length around elbow (with arm straight).
15 - Neck - Size around neck at base.

Fit of Garments (amount of ease)
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