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Robes and Habiliments

A robe is a long loose flowing garment. It is often worn for formal occasions and shows status, position, or rank in many institutions even to today. Garb the World makes many kinds of robes. Some of these include, a ritual robe, monk robe, wizard cloak, harry potter type robe, clergy robe, hooded robe, fleece robe, and a priest robe.


Cowls / Hoods / Stoles

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Last day to custom-order for the Christmas is past.

We have lots of costumes ready made in stock .


  • Abayah
  • Amice
  • Chasuble
  • Chasuble, Gothic
  • Cowl
  • Cowl, Hoodless
  • Cozy Fleece Robe
  • Hood, Open
  • Long Vest (Sleeveless Robe)
  • Monk Robe
  • Monk Robe with Attached Cowl
  • Open Robe
  • Overlay Stole (Pallium)
  • Ritual Robes
  • Tau Robes
  • Ritual Robes, Gauze
  • Scapular
  • Surplice (Choir Robe)
  • Wizard Robe