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Society for Creative Anacronism SCA Costumes.

is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history. The SCA is the largest re-enactment group and has branches all over the Known World. The largest war takes place outside of Pittsburg, PA - Pennsic War. You do not have to be a member to participate in an SCA event. If you are interested, search the site for meetings or events near you.

Most garb worn in the SCA falls into the 'medieval' or Dark Ages time period however many other time periods are reenacted. Almost all of our clothing is appropriate to wear in the SCA. We are SCA reenactors (in the Kingdom of Caid).

Garb The World suggestions:

Our suggestions to newcomers is to get simple garb (e.g. tunic and pants for men and boys, medieval dress for women and girls) to wear to events while you are figuring out your personna and time period. We offer deals to newcomers in the SCA. See our Complete outfits also for deals on an entire ensemble.
Basic Outfit Special consists of a tunic, belt and pants or a skirt for a great low price. And don't forget to add shoes

Check out our How To pages to learn how to tie a ring belt, fold a kilt, use medieval broaches, and more.
Click on any link on the right to find particular items that can be custom-sewn to your specifications. Here are some examples of our clothing that is READY MADE, READY TO SHIP. We carry most items in sizes 30-70.
Medieval Tunic
Medieval Tabard
Medieval celtic trim tunic
Tunic with Trim
Plaid Cloak
Plaid Cloaks
Medieval skirt
Gauze Skirt
Medieval Ring belt
Ring and other Belts
Flameless Candle
Flameless Candle