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Viking Woman

Viking females wore a wide range of clothings, depending on where and when they lived. Styles were similar to the Teutonic Iron Age. Costumes usually had several layers, including a long sleeved underdress. Over the underdress were worn several different items, including tunics with 1/2 sleeves, tube dresses, aprons, and cloaks. Trim was often added, traditionally made from card (or tablet) weaving. Card Woven Belts of trim were also worn. A kerchief was commonly worn matching either underdress or overdress.

We offer several styles of Viking Clothes.

  • Viking Female Special - Complete Outfit.
  • Underdress
  • Tube Dress
  • Overtunic with Sleeves
  • Overtunic without Sleeves
  • Kerchief
  • Cotton Veil

    This is an Anglo-Saxon costume.

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