Historical and Religious Costumes

We offer 5 styles of large, full hoods. These hoods can be put on several of our garments, including our Cloaks, Monk Robes, Wizard Robes, Scarpulars, Cowls, Fleece Capes, Hooded Tunics and Wizard Hoods.

Our Regular Hood is circular in shape with a diameter of approximately 16 inches deep (across) with an opening of approximately 42 inches. THIS HOOD IS VERY LARGE. (Pictured below on cloak)

Our Goth Hood has the same shape as our Regular Hood, but is larger, measuring approximately 19 inches deep (across) with an opening of approximately 46 inches. This is an OVERSIZE hood an is too large for most people.

Our Short Lirpipe Hood is built like the Regular Hood with a lirpipe of approximately 19 inches.

Our Long Lirpipe Hood is also built like the Regular Hood but has a long lirpipe of approximately 50 inches long.

Our Point Hood has a similar opening as the Regular Hood, but is pointed and not circular. This hood is approximately 16 inches deep (across).

You can put these hoods on these garments:

Garb The World suggestions:

Our suggestions to newcomers is to get simple garb (e.g. tunic and pants for men and boys, medieval dress for women and girls) to wear to events while you are figuring out your personna and time period. We offer deals to newcomers in the SCA. See our Complete outfits also for deals on an entire ensemble.
Basic Outfit Special consists of a tunic, belt and pants or a skirt for a great low price. And don't forget to add shoes

Return Policy

We strive for customer satisfaction. However, custom made clothing does not always turn out how the customer has envisioned and sometimes we make mistakes. Unwanted items can be returned unworn within thirty (30) days of delivery for a refund.

We want you to be happy with our products.

Check out our How To pages to learn how to tie a ring belt, fold a kilt, use medieval broaches, and more.

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