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Biblical Costumes

Biblical Costumes

Here are some of our outfits that would be appropriate to wear as bible costumes for VBS (Vacation Bible School), plays, pagents, and passion play costumes. The Bible is the Holy book for Christians, as well as other religions. The Bible is made up of the Old Testamant and the New Testament, which tells the Gospel of Jesus.

The Old Testament (which is also a Holy book for Jews and Muslims) begins at the creation of the Universe {In the Beginning} and tells the tales of many colorful characters including Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Moses, Jacob of the coat of many colors, Noah and the ark, and the trials of Job.

This time period was very long, however there was not that much variation in costumes or clothing due to scarcity of materials and other reasons. Our items that are appropriate for Biblical costumes are below, and we have also grouped our items into specific biblical stories that are commonly re-enacted. We offer discounts on story packages.

We do have some biblical outfits pre-made, ready to ship. Click here to see our in stock biblical outfits

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    What might have been worn during Biblical Times